AV: The Hunt


Billur Melis Cos
Ahmet Rifat Sungar
Emre Yetim
Adam Bay

Production Credits

Director(s): Emre Akay
Writer(s):  Emre Akay, Deniz Cuylan
Producer(s): Natasha Markou, Emre Akay, Diloy Gulun


A young couple makes love when a cop barges in. Young and athletic Ayse escapes but her lover dies.
Now all the men in her family are chasing her around the city and the countryside to avenge their honour. Ayse’s only key for survival is to become as ruthless as those hunting her.

Honour crimes still make the news constantly in several countries today. Women killed by their own parents, husbands, brothers, cousins… to defend archaic values. AV: The Hunt is a realistic thriller depicting a young woman’s fight in a patriarchal society that is bound to create headlines too with its strong feminist message.

Genre: Action-Thriller

Country: Turkey

Status: Released