Only Bruises


Gerry Skeens
Rayanna Dibs
David Roberts
Emily Franklin

Production Credits

Director: Natasha Markou
Writers: Tiana Linden
Producers: Natasha Markou, Tiana Linden
Venues: Union Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Venue 340)


Only Bruises is an intimate exploration of the highly complex nature of mother and daughter relationships.

Rachel and Jean are a single parent, only-child family. They love each other, they hate each other, they will change the way the other lives if it’s the last thing they do. Rachel is adamantly optimistic and trustful, to the despair of her suspicious, anxious mother. When Rachel gets a taste of the scary world her mother had warned her about, Jean hopes this might finally teach her to tread more carefully. Rachel’s reaction not only confounds her mother, it also sets her on a mission to change her life.

Genre: Theatre

Country: UK

Status: Completed